The construction sector has maintained its steady recovery in the province of Alicante and is now growing at an even faster rate. Constructor’s applications to launch new projects have increased in recent months, especially in coastal municipalities, such as Guardamar, Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and Pilar de la Horadada.

The towns of Torrevieja and Orihuela continue to lead the way with new housing construction, not only in 2017, but also during the last three years. What the data indicates is that the recovery has now been consolidated and is beginning to accelerate. According to experts, 2017 has so far been very productive in the real estate sector. Some of them say that they are likely to achieve the same figures that they did back in 2004.

The most recent study by the company TINSA, on the situation here on the coast, published on 14 June, shows that in our region, the sector is “in a clear recovery”, despite a slow-down with the rate of home purchases by Britons following Brexit which is being offset in part by the increase in purchases by Swedes, Norwegians, Belgians and Russians who are now buying houses in the area in increasing numbers.

The company also states in their report that in the Orihuela Costa “about 120 homes have been reactivated, with new product being built mainly for the holiday market

According to the TINSA report, based on data provided by the Ministry of Public Works, new construction applications in Orihuela Costa in 2015 were 448, while in 2016 they rose to 1,038, an increase of 132%, a Growth much higher than that of Guardamar, with 66%, Torrevieja, with 27%, and Pilar de la Horadada, with an 8% increase in the number of applications for new work.

Faced with this data on the Oriol coast, the there is little new construction activity in Orihuela city and the districts, not only during 2017 but also in recent years. In fact, the licenses granted by the Department of Urbanism are practically all for promotions on the Orihuela Costa, according to the councillor, with new licenses in the city only given and are for minor works, “generally reforms.”


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Does anyone do ironing, I live in Cabo-roig


No longer active

No longer active


Funny how the founder of Herbalife - Mark Hughes - a lot of good did it? Died under questionable circumstances of a suspected overdose although not proved. However, isn´t the way Herbalife works just another pyramid selling thing... OK multi-level marketing?

Commented mail.irenedavis in Benijofar 2013-04-25 17:53:21 UTC


An anjoyable day held at the Altorreal Golf Course.

The golf societies venue for the 13th March 2013 was held at the Altorreal Golf Course.

The weather was cold in an extremely strong wind making play difficult, however this did not deter an enjoyable round of golf on a course a number of our players had not played before.

This is the furthest our society has travelled to date, making the relevant ‘Sat Nav’s’ come into their own and a few curses expressed as well.

The competition was in the stableford format and the scores are recorded as follows.

Nearest the Pin on the 8th hole was Colin Capper.
Nearest the pin on the 17th hole was Pete Rushton.

Best guest with a score of 15 was John MacGregor.

Silver Class 3rd place was Colin Clarke with a score of 28 points.
Silver Class 2nd place was Andy MacDonald with a score of 29 Points.
Silver Class 1st place was Mark Taylor with a score of 33 points.

Gold Class 3rd place was Graham Mitchell with a score of 25 points.
Gold Class 2nd place was Mick Slater with a score of 330.
Gold Class 1st place was Bob Addair with a score of 32.

An enjoyable day in pleasant company, thank you to Captain Mick Slater and for organising the event and also thanks to the Staff at The Lime Bar and ladies for a most enjoyable meal.

Anyone wishing to Join our friendly society just need to phone Mick on 659 866 468 or Stewart on 966180003.

In addition I would like to thank our stand-in photographer Kevin Pritchard.



Chiringuitos de Sol

The Mayor of Orihuela, Monserrate Guillén of the Los Verdes green party, has announced that the current contract for providing beach bars on the Orihuela Costa will be extended for another year, when the tender will be revisited once again.

The contract for the service was due for renewal before this year´s summer season, but the Mayor has highlighted a number of discrepancies in the tender which was to be awarded under the previous councilor for the coast, Pedro Mancebo.

The contract, which brings in around 700,000 euro per year in revenue to the town hall, was only set to earn just over 300,000 under the contract being presented. Guillén also stated that the new contract would not have afforded fair competition in the tender process, as companies would have to provide proof of a solvent income from this kind of service for the last ten years.

As an integral part of the coastal function, the Chiringuitos de Sol company will now continue to provide the service for another year, which not only qualifies elements of the “Blue Flag” and quality awards, but has also developed systems for ensuring the safety and security of beach users, including lockers, a vigilance system and various activities that holidaymakers and residents have appreciated during the last tenure of the contract.


Lopez Bas and Mancebo

Orihuela Councillors Pedro Mancebo, Juan Ignacio Lopez-Bas and Marta Campillo, all of the CLR Party, have filed a complaint against the brother of the former Orihuela Mayor, Monica Lorente (PP), who they accuse of verbally and physically abusing them over dinner in a restaurant over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the brother himself, Jorge Lorente has said to the local Spanish press that he has also denounced Mancebo for insults, threats and causing him injury to a hand.

The incident occurred about midnight on Saturday when the three councillors, all from the Liberal Renewal Center (CLr) dined at the Orihuela restaurant "Lo Mas Gus". Mancebo said on Monday that the brother of the former mayor, together with another man, Jose Manuel Vivancos, began to provoke, disturb and harangue his group while they were having a conversation in the company of others. Lopez-Bas said the insults were "s**t councilors" or "sons of b*****s".

Mancebo and his party decided to leave the premises, but the brother of the former mayor "grabbed my neck and threw me against a wall," he said.

According to reports, several diners who were in the bar stood between the mayor and Lorente to separate them, and as Cllr Mancebo then reached for a phone, intending to call the police, the man accompanying Lorente "pushed him out of the establishment" , added Lopez-Bas.

As the struggle continued in the streets outside the restaurant he and Marta Campillo tried to stop the violence during which both "received several blows."

The scene was attended by two units of the National Police and one of the Policia Locale, at which point, according to Lopez-Bas "Monica Lorente's brother ran off and disappeared into the side streets."

The man accompanying Jorge Lorente was not in possession of any form of identity so he was taken to a local police station for identification, after which he was released.

Following the incident, Mancebo attended a Health Center, where, according to the Spanish press, he was diagnosed with "a bruise on the back of the head and inner lip." On Sunday Marta Campillo also went to hospital complaining of severe pain in one of the hands preventing normal movement.

Although the three councillors tried to lodge a complaint with the National Police, officers were unable to process the necessary documentation as the computer system was not working , so they returned on Sunday to make the obligatory denuncia.

Meanwhile, the brother of former mayor said on Monday that he will also be denouncing Cllr Mancebo for alleged insults and threats that prompted the incident. He said that he had suffered a fracture to one of his fingers.

Lorente said that Mancebo was extremely ‘arrogant’. Vivancos told the press that Mancebo said that he was “the head of Orihuela, that he commanded the police and that he was going to make my life miserable.”
He too says that he will denounce Mancebo for alleged threats

Orihuela - Senderismo (Hiking Route) above Orihuela

The new walking route around the mountain above Orihuela. It has just been extended and pathways improved. It starts at the Seminario above Orihuela and ends at the Palmeral (Palm Tree Park)



Christmas has been wonderful in Orihuela Costa this year, definitely the best ever. With my budget being tighter than ever I was not able to spend as much as I normally would buying gifts or wining and dining, I thought I was going to be miserable.

Then I got an email from the town hall telling me about free events and I decided “what the heck” I’m going to go to as many of these events as I can. It all started with the Jewish festival on Saturday the 15th followed by the lighting up of the beautiful red Christmas tree outside the town hall. The night was magical. Over the next few days, all around the coast Christmas lights appeared, brighter, nicer and more than I’ve ever seen here before.

The free Christmas Carol Concert in Orihuela came next with free buses laid on and plenty of time allowed for wandering around Orihuela, I never realized how many beautiful buildings we had on our doorstep before. This was a very special evening for me and my neighbours who accompanied me; we will definitely make some day trips to Orihuela in 2013.

Christmas morning we walked from Consum in La Zenia down to the beach. There were more cars parked than on a hot summer’s day. There were thousands of people, mostly dressed in red on the beach. They were all in good form and the music was playing. People brought drinks and sandwiches and the party atmosphere was fabulous. We stayed for two hours and only left because we had not brought any goodies with us.

I won’t be able to go to the free New Years Eve celebrations but I will definitely be going to the 3 Kings event on the 5th January. I heard on the grapevine that there will be a hot air balloon at La Zenia Boulevard giving FREE rides from 5pm, I have always wanted to try this but never did, I think I’ll be on the queue at 4pm. It’s a long time since I’ve had so little and yet had so much. I just want to say THANK YOU to the people in the town hall who organized the best Christmas ever for me, keep up the good work.

P. Clinton



FADALACK is a group of 20 professional musicians who are devoted to playing Mike Oldfield’s great symphonic works, precisely the ones he composed in his first decade of production.

Their aim is to respect both original studio recording sounds and instruments, so they use oboe, flutes, trumpets, piano, synthesizers, guitars, choir and a wide range of traditional, orchestral and ethnic percussion instruments.

Fadalack’s challenge is to fill the audience with the unique colour, ambience and finesse of 70’s symphonic rock, led by one of the greatest modern music genius of the 20th century.

Our next concert will be at Teatro Circo in Orihuela, 29 December 2012 at 21:00. A good proposal for a Saturday night!

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